During the more than 20 years of global work at ARNO DESIGN we have seen distinct changes to the trade exhibition landscape: Required is nowadays not only an excellent stand design but, in addition to that, also a holistic and comprehensive design of the trade exhibition as a whole, as we offer it with the Expo Development.

It is essential, more than ever, to develop entire experience concepts with a special story behind it; to gain regular customers, to rely on reusable strategies and to integrate aspects, such as the environment, logistics and the strengthening of regional service providers, into one’s deliberations.

The basis for all this is long-term thinking that spans an entire exhibition generation. A clear investment into the future.



For us, trust is the basis of good cooperation. Trust between our customers and ourselves – this goes without saying. But also when new strategies are developed, generated and implemented. This is why Expo Development unites all implementation components under one roof, i.e. experienced architects, interior architects and designers who have worked together for years now as well as talented logistic experts, technicians and developers. And we rely on a comprehensive network of specialists and freelancers, so as to enable us to develop our state-of-the-art solutions further and, above all, on a reliable basis.

Mirka Claus Peter UEBER UNS
  • „Surely – often enough, a coherent fundamental idea is born, quite intuitively, during the initial discussions. This is why it is crucial to involve the decisive competencies right from the beginning, so that this idea can assume „a life of its own" and develop itself further. Because our concepts are always supposed to reflect the character and corporate targets of the exhibiting company and to make them visually perceivable as quickly as possible. And moreover, to communicate them in an attractive and surprising way to the outside world. But the functions of presenting and advising will be optimized, too, and invitingly arranged in a discrete manner. Hence, we consider design to be much more than a mere collection and reproduction of tastes and fashion trends. An initial idea grows out the understanding of a task and turns into something entirely new and fresh.
  • „Long-term demanding projects and business relations, but also our high demands in the design require a high level of competence. This needs many years of experience gained in the field of trade fair construction as well as the right feeling for the environment and ethics. This is why we involve above all young regional companies in our projects, to name just one example, since they are highly motivated, innovation-minded and keep life flowing. It is my vision of the future in this connection that all people involved in the development of a new strategic approach make their contribution right from the beginning, so that the exhibition operator, the trade fair construction firms and the individual service provider at the trade exhibition all benefit from this cooperation in the long run. Because only then can a project become a real success.“
  • „Design will always tell a story - and if you know how to utilize it you can present the most complex relationships with simple means only. This is how Expo Development works out quite individual and specific strategies that are easily united by their design language alone. The subject of an event and the companies related to it will speak the one language which everybody understands. It is important in this context not to merely rely on the competence of individuals when working out a new concept, but rather to bundle the competence of everyone involved in the project. Strategy, design and implementation must all be joined together right from the beginning to attain the same target. This will ensure that even the most demanding, exceptional and innovative solutions take off.“


Our strategy is competence. Because it is the basis for long-term relations. This is why we constantly expand our business partnerships with the aim of successfully shaping the trade exhibition landscape. And we make an active contribution to ensuring the future of the trade fair organizers at the same time. We improve their operations constantly by our well thought-out and economically viable trade fair concepts.

As early as years ago we interpreted the signs of the times correctly and relied on sustainability in our project work. We use local resources, build with renewable materials and rely on rental solutions.

This enables us to provide cost-effective trade fair concepts that can be easily financed and sustained even by start-ups, young enterprises and small medium-sized companies. But even large corporations which considered their participation in a trade exhibition not lucrative enough can be won back.

A trade fair organizer will be able to gain new exhibitors with successful exhibition strategies in the long run, but will also retain its regular participants at the same time. And this is, after all, essential for the success and the existence of a trade exhibition and matters most.